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All funeral directors are legally required to publish this Price List for a standardised set of products and services. This is to help you think through your options and make choices, and to let you compare prices between different funeral directors (because prices can vary).

Nuneaton District

Standardised Price List for Nuneaton Branch

Standardised Price List

Standardised Price List for Nuneaton Crematorium (Heart of England)

Standardised Price List

Coventry District

Standardised Price List for Coventry Branch

Standardised Price List

Standardised Price List for Coventry Crematorium (Canley)

Standardised Price List

To assist you further with our prices, please click below to see our full Price List brochure, which displays all our additional services and fees. We have also created funeral examples to show full cost implications, including our Funeral Directors fees & Disbursements.

For Unattended funerals we require payment in full prior to us booking a date and time for the cremation to take place. The Unattended funeral is a direct disposition and as such this is not a traditional style funeral service, there is no ceremonial service, and no mourners can attend. The funeral will be arranged at a local cemetery or crematorium of our choosing at a day and time that is most convenient to us, unless specific arrangements are made in advance with a Funeral Director. The cremation will take place within 14 days of the legal paperwork being completed but we will endeavour to carry out the cremation at our earliest convenience. The cremated remains will be available to be collected from 2 working days of the cremation taking place.

The disbursement charges will be required in advance of the funeral and will need to be paid at least 2 working days prior to the funeral. Failure to pay the disbursements will result in the funeral not taking place. Our own funeral account is sent to you 7 days after the funeral service and is due for payment within 14 days of our invoice, unless otherwise agreed by us in writing. If you fail to pay us in full on the date agreed, we may reserve the right to charge you interest at 1.5% above the current base rate per calendar month. Failure to comply will result in us taking legal action in order to recover the debt and also recover all and any associated debt recovery costs being added to the account in line with our Terms & Conditions.

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