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Pre-arranged Funeral Plans
Your Wishes Fulfilled

For many people, planning their funeral has become an established way of looking at the future, just like making a Will.

More than a million people in Great Britain have taken out a funeral plan. Usually, they have known the grief of bereavement and don’t want their families to go through the stress of making arrangements.

Many have established a relationship of trust with their local family funeral director. Who better to advise them on such a sensitive topic and assist them with all the details?

We believe that the Independent Way funeral plan, which is available only through independent funeral directors such as ourselves, offers you significant advantages over other plans.

  • Making plans for the future

    Just like writing a will, planning a funeral has become an established way of looking at the future. A way of making sure that your loved ones will be spared much of the stress and uncertainty of organising a funeral.


    At Devall & Son, we trust that Independent Way funeral plan—only available through independent funeral directors such as ourselves. Through this plan we can assist you with every detail and take care of all the costs that are within our control, in advance.

  • A guarantee that covers all our services

    No matter how much our services may rise in cost in years to come, once your plan is fully in place, neither you nor your loved ones will be asked for a penny more for them. It’s a guarantee that gives you peace of mind, so that you can be assured that your family will be spared what could be a financial worry.

  • Complete transparency

    There are some costs that we are obliged to pay on your behalf. These third party costs include the charges of cemeteries and crematoria, as well as doctors’ fees for cremation certificates, the fees of clergy or officiants, and the costs of newspaper notices and memorials. The amount of this expenditure is not within our control and may require a further payment at the time of need.

  • Protection against rising funeral costs

    Back in 2004, an average funeral cost around £1,920. However, recent research shows the average cost of a funeral in the UK is now £3,284 – an increase of 71% in eight years, well above the general level of inflation. If this trend continues, the average cost of a funeral in 2020 will be almost £5,600.

    Paying in advance for your funeral is a sensible decision that will save money, benefiting your family or estate. We guarantee that, as long as your plan is paid for, there’ll be no more to pay for the services within our control.

  • A real alternative to saving

    We believe a funeral plan offers a better option than saving for your funeral.

    In 2000, if you had put £1,215* (then the average cost of a funeral) into a building society, you would have seen it grow to only £1,438.57** over the next 12 years.

    However, with the average cost of a funeral now £3,284, your family would have to find an additional £1,845.43, at a very difficult time. This dramatic shortfall demonstrates why planning your funeral the Independent Way is the wiser way.

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