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23rd March 2020

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

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Update: 26th March 2020 11:05

It is with great sadness that we have to inform our local community that Crematoria, have for a second time reduced the numbers of mourners they are allowing to attend,

The changes are as follows –

The Heart of England Crematorium Nuneaton – Maximum number of mourners = 10

Canley Crematorium & Cemetery Coventry – Maximum number of mourners = 5

Please be aware that the Crematoria are promoting social distancing and arranging the seats 2 meters apart, within the chapel

We are truly sorry to have to inform the bereaved families of these new restrictions, which we understand will be extremely upsetting to learn, however it is important that we adhere to all government guidelines to ensure the safety of our families, staff and general public

We are advising families to consider having a Memorial Service at a later date, when the country is back to some sort of normality and we can then assist our clients in organising a fitting tribute, where all can attend, pay tribute and remember their loved ones in a way that they deserve.



Update: 23rd March 2020 18:54

To all our local community

Every corner of society is going through unprecedented times and we are all doing or best to abide by government recommendations to limit the risk of contamination and the Coronavirus spreading.

Devall’s have been proud and honoured to be able to assist families with organising memorable services that celebrate and honours their loved one’s lives and large numbers of mourners attending has always been welcomed.

It is with a saddened and heavy heart, that we must inform our local community that funerals as we know them must change as of today (Monday 23rd March 2020) until further notice. Through the government, Public Health England, local authorities and crematoria and burial’s own recommendations, we will have to limit the number of people attending a funeral to very small gatherings.

Todays directive from our local Crematoria are as follows.

The Heart of England Nuneaton – Maximum of 25 people to attend and adhering to social distancing guidelines within the chapel (chairs will be separated) – Curtains must be closed at the committal

Canley Crematorium & Cemetery Coventry – Maximum 5 people to attend – with the recommendation of social distancing throughout the service.

Devall & Son maintain their commitment to provide the highest level of care to all our families and their loved ones during these uncertain and anxious times. However, as a business and a professional service provider that assist predominantly members of the general public, we have an obligation to comply with all government advice and recommendations to safeguard our clients and we have a duty of care to our staff who represent our company so well.

The Government have now made Funeral Directors ‘Key Workers’, for us to carry out our vital services in a safe and dignified way, we have adapted how we are able conduct funeral arrangements, services and procedures. For further information regarding our new temporary procedures please visit our website or telephone our offices to talk to one our professionally trained staff.      

We hope that people understand the situation we are in as company and industry, our new policies are not ideal and far from the service we would like to provide but they will enable small funerals to continue, as long as the general public support and adhere to the safety measure we have implemented.

These directives could change at anytime and we will give updates as and when, we are made aware of any

From all the Devall family and team, thank you and stay safe.

For additional clarification, here are the recommended guidelines set by our national governing body, The NAFD (National Association of Funeral Directors)



There is currently no government guidance preventing funeral services from taking place and funeral directors are working hard to support bereaved families at this very difficult time. However, all funeral services that do take place MUST respect current Government requests for social distancing and the protection of high-risk groups.

We are advising funeral directors to work closely with families to work out how best they can hold a funeral, in line with Government guidance, together with any local requirements and restrictions.

This means:

• Arranging funerals over the phone or via other electronic means, where possible. If a funeral must be arranged in person, you should respect the social distancing guidance – keep two metres apart, wash hands frequently, and cough or sneeze into a tissue/crook of your elbow and advise the family to limit the number of people attending in person to arrange the funeral You should not arrange a funeral in person if anyone involved has symptoms or should be self-isolating, in accordance with government advice. It is vital that we do all we can to reduce the spread of the virus and that funeral service employees (who are key workers) can remain healthy and able to continue supporting bereaved families.

• If you wish to view the deceased person visit the Chapel of Rest, please make arrangements for specific times and limit the numbers attending at any one time to those living in the same household. At-risk groups are strongly urged not to visit.

• Limit the numbers attending the funeral service as much as possible, in line with Government advice on social distancing. We are already aware that certain crematoria and churches have now set strict limits on the numbers of mourners that may attend funerals, but these vary across the UK and by type of venue, so it is important that you check what restrictions will apply to you.

• This also means thinking about who will attend and ensuring those from at-risk groups (e.g. pregnant women or those with underlying health conditions) are not put at greater risk by attending.

• Consider holding the funeral service outdoors as this will reduce the risk of the virus spreading between mourners but as the disease is airborne, it is still important to follow social distancing guideline i.e. two metres apart.

• Limit the use of limousines to only carrying those living in the same household (in line with social distancing guidance) – and ensure the driver is able to abide by them too keeping glass screens up or limiting the number travelling to ensure they can sit as far back as possible.

• Restrict physical attendance at the funeral service to as few people as possible. Consider other options such as organising a celebration of life or memorial service at a later date, or webcasting/live streaming the funeral service (using professional or personal devices), enabling other mourners to still participate without putting themselves and others at risk of harm.

• Please don’t publicly advertise the funeral details to reduce the risk of other, well-meaning mourners arriving unexpectedly. They may be turned away at the door, which could be distressing for them and the bereaved family. It will also place funeral key workers at unnecessary risk of harm.

• During the service, remain two metres apart from anyone not living in your household at all times. Refrain from making physical contact with anyone outside of your household.

• All charitable collections should be done online.

We understand this advice may be very difficult for families, but it is vitally important we respect Government guidance for social distancing – to help stop the spread of COVID-19.


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